Work With Us

If you’re looking for more families to visit your destination, then look no further. 

We have worked with many brands and destinations.  With over 10+ years of family travel under our belt we are always looking for new opportunities to share with our friends, family and readers.

Invite us to experience your destination and we’ll tell the world about it. 

A sponsored press trip is the perfect way to increase your online visibility and exposure. Our readers relate to our first-hand experiences and take action on our recommendations. We will showcase your destination with an engaging review and high quality photography. In addition, we will provide social media coverage via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+ and YouTube.

There are a number of benefits to running a sponsored press trip campaign with us.

  • Raising destination profile – hundreds of travelers read our recommendations and experiences every month. We will help your destination get on their to-do list while planning their next holiday.
  • Brand association – being promoted and recommended on our family travel blog leverages the trustworthiness we have cultivated with our readers.
  • Search engine optimization – we craft keyword-rich high quality articles for our blog that Google loves. This has a proven positive impact on the search engine rankings of those businesses involved in the press trip.
  • Content marketing that never sleeps – the material we produce and share not only inspires travelers today, but next week, next month, next year and years from now.
  • Highly targeted audience – we attract a very specific group of readers, who travel domestically and internationally, as well as couples and families. Our readers tend to have a higher disposable income, which means they will spend more when visiting your destination.
  • Real measurable results – your return on investment is a central focus for us. We deliver practical and useful post-trip campaign reports that highlight the key performance indicators you care about.