Meet the Dunn’s

Those of you who know us are very familiar with our adventurous spirit and lifestyle. It all began many many years ago in the Mountains of Southern California.

airplane-silouetteWe traveled as a family of 3 back in 2005, it was just Chloe, John and myself. Living in the mountains was great because within 2 hours we could go from the snow slopes to the Beaches or even to the Desert. The possibilities were endless.

We had always been a beach family and loved spending time with our toes in the sand and the smell of the salty ocean air. Most of our weekends started with us hopping in our big blue suburban and bombing down the 5300 ft mountain road heading towards Ventura Beach to see our friends the Gordon’s. Even our beloved black lab Suzy got to come along.

Our first trip out of the Country together as a family was back in 2005 when we rented a big beach house just outside of Ensanada, Mexico. It was the week of 4th of July and we had the best time exploring the beaches and getting to know the locals in the towns.

I think that might have been when the travel bug bit us. HARD!

John and I traveled for work frequently but it was mainly US based travel. South Florida, Phoenix, San Diego etc… but once a year there was a special conference that was more of a “getaway” for business owners to mingle and relax with other owners in similar companies. The getaway was hosted on the Island of Curacao. We all stayed at the Marriot located right on the beach and the entire hotel was blocked out just for our group. Every night they had activities planned, dinner reservations around the island and we were all split into groups that interchanged for each activities so that you got to spend time with everyone. It was a really wonderful trip. But it was our first trip together out of the Country as a couple, and we found ourselves really enjoying the new culture, foods and most of all the beaches and ocean. I think it opened our eyes to travel abroad and exploring what other Countries had to offer. Meeting new people from all over the World became an interest we wanted to pursue.

Our next family adventure wasn’t by car but by plane and it was during the Christmas holidays. We decided that the 3 of us needed to spend Christmas and New Years in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico at the Rio Resort. We surprised Chloe who was 9 at the time with an early Christmas morning (Dec. 24th) and told her that after she opened a few presents we had to get ready for a BIG vacation. We had recently found out we were expecting (possible that he was conceived on the Island of Curacao) so we thought it would be a great time to get a little more travel in before the baby was born (due in June). Knowing how traveling with children can be difficult, we were certain that traveling with a newborn AND a preteen was going to be impossible. Chloe was so excited, well, we were all excited about the holiday excursion. Our plans didn’t exactly go as well as we would have hoped for but the vacation continued on — just in a new direction.

With a baby on the way and our almost “middle schooler” we made the BIG decision to rent our home in the Mountains and find a place down at the beach so that we could be closer to something we all loved. The Ocean. Settling on an adorable beach home that was literally 1000ft from the waves of the beautiful Oxnard Shores, we were happy and healthy and living the dream. Before we knew it our newest addition to our family had arrived and he was just the most perfect little bundle of joy. Jack Tucker Dunn was born in Ventura, California at a healthy 8 lbs 4oz and 24 in…. he was a BIG healthy boy.

So having a newborn baby and a middle schooler didn’t slow us down from traveling. In mid August we got the invite from Yahoo! to attend a private function held on the Island of Maui. The event was for families, not just the company owners. We thought about it (for about a day) and decided that it would be a great family trip. My husbands Mom was invited to join us so that we could have some help with the kids as we tended to business. Little Jack was just 3 months old and headed on his first big airplane ride.

The family adventures continued and it seemed that we had become Pros at the traveling with kids. It wasn’t as stressful as we had thought, it just required a little more planning and patience.

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