I want to start off by saying that I don’t have anything against the teachers or administration with the exception of my kids last school they attended. The teachers were great and were only listening to the administration and as our friend, neighbor and former teacher at the school quickly found out when you don’t agree with the admin, you get fired. But in general I believe that educators, the real ones in the classrooms each day are under paid, controlled and stripped of their creativity and ultimately that leads to a poor overall experience for the kids and certainly not why the teacher chose the profession in the first place.

So back to the teacher who lives down the street, he wasn’t trying to show the students anything inappropriate, he didn’t use foul language in the classroom, he wasn’t impatient with the kids… none of that. He simply wanted to instill in them a love of reading and choose some classic novels that we all read as children in school at that same age and wanted to do it as a class discussion. Yep, that’s it.

According to the administration at the school, there is no time for this sort of thing in the classroom. They need to be practicing cold, short reads for their upcoming FSA (state testing). Anything outside of the practice tests and quizzes is a complete waste of valuable time.

You know what else is apparently a waste of time these days in school? Recess, socializing with friends on the playground or at lunch time, arts, music, drama, library visits … the list is long and it seems to get longer each year.

I can’t entirely say these were all the reason we decided to homeschool the kids because the truth is that we tried to homeschool our oldest many years ago when we lived in Costa Rica but she had been in the school system just a little too long and wasn’t open to the idea. Of course now many years later as a second year university student (straight A’s too) she says that if she could go back in time she would definitely want to be homeschooled.

The kids at a homeschool class held at Kennedy Space Center (NASA).
Emma during her guitar lessons.

Another big factor in our decision was that we barely got to see the kids. We would hurry them out the door in the morning to make it to school on time for 7am and then not pick them up until 3pm and with after school activities and dinner it was bed time before we knew it. I felt like it was a big flash and it was blazing past us. We are fortunate in that we work from home so homeschooling was an option without much adjust of the schedules, it just required a little more organization and communication between John and I.

I thought being a homeschool family would raise some questions in the community or among people we would encounter during our day while other kids were in school but we are given so much positive feedback and compliments that it’s so encouraging to continue down this path. Other parents don’t ask the same questions they did years ago…”aren’t you worried about socialization?” …. we are now asked “What curriculum are you guys using?”

I have met more homeschool family just out and around town during normal errand running than I ever realized were in my neighborhood.

So if I had to sum up our “why’s” on our choice to homeschool the top of the list would probably be the ability to spend the most time possible with our children, to teach them the morals and values we believe will shape and mold them into productive, compassionate, confident human beings that will one day contribute and make a difference in their own unique ways.

We’re not perfect and we don’t expect this journey to be either, I know there will be good days and bad days but i’m ready to take it on and watch the kids blossom and grow each day.


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