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Why we love Magic Bullet Nutribullet

We. cannot. live. without. this. machine. PERIOD.
Many years ago we were the proud owners of a Jack Lalanne Juicer, at the time it was really the only affordable option for healthy living and juicing. It was a pain in the butt to clean and I always felt like we got such a small amount of juice for so much fruit and veggies. I disliked it so much that it never got used and ended up collecting dust and eventually either going to the church donation center or being given to a friend, either way it was gone.

I think our friend Mark from Ventura California introduced us to the Nutribullet, in fact I’m sure of it. John went on a surprise visit for his 25th sober birthday and Mark was using it to make his special morning coffee recipe. John fell in love with the coffee being made that way and called to tell me all about. Mark also made smoothies and other yummy stuff in it so I grabbed the costco membership card and headed over to pick one up.

It was love at first spin <3

I remember making a berry smoothie and it was so quick and easy and tasty too! Best part, no mess! Rinsed the blade and threw the cup in the dishwasher and boom! Healthy snack and I felt great.

Of course the next step was to find as many nutribullet recipes on pinterest as I could for every member of our household. Chloe with the nuts allergies, Emma doesn’t like blueberries, Jack doesn’t like anything with a green color to it. I quickly realized that I could hide a decent amount of leafy greens in Jack’s smoothies and by adding frozen berries he never would figure it out. Mom Score!

We use the Nutribullet so much in our home that when we left for our road trip it went with us. Coffee, smoothies at the hotel, quick snack ideas while on the road… you name it, we did it!

After a tremendous amount of use and abuse sadly our first nutribullet died. It was a good stretch of about 2 solid years of use, 3-5 times a day. I made nut milk too so it took a beating.

Thank goodness for our Amazon Prime membership because this was a free next day delivery,  and let me tell you that it was a rough 24 hours. I even contemplated going to Tropical Smoothie to get my fix for the day, it was that bad.

With the new machines arrival there were a few upgrades to the look, mostly the color but the cups and size were all the same. It has an impressive selection of cups for both travel in the car and even a screw on lid that you can safely transport in a bag or car without having to worry about spills. I sometimes make a smoothie to take to the beach or pool and never worry about spills in the bag. You can also order replacement parts from Amazon or direct from the Nutribullet website.

One of my favorite smoothie recipes:


Lean Green

2 slices of melon (i like cantaloupe)
Handful of fresh mint leaves
1/2 bag of fresh spinach (2 cups or so)
1/2 mango (I prefer 1/2 cup of frozen mango)
Quarter of a cucumber
4 oz of apple juice (I use Simply Apple juice brand)
2 tbsp of plain yoghurt (greek)
Ice Cubes

Put the spinach in the blender. Blend until it’s reduced. Add everything else. Blend together.

You can always look at our Pinterest board for more recipe ideas, there are tons of them on there and plenty for even the pickiest tastebuds.